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Architecture Auto-Mapping

Get an instant mapping of your architecture and reduce time of manual assessments

Cutting-Edge Design

AI recommended custom solutions based on business needs, goals and industry trends

Automatic Deployment

One-click deployment of a configured unique architecture compliant with regulatory standards

Technology Lifecyle Management

Monitoring for optimal efficiency, best performance, and planning for competitive scaling


We valued North Scientific’s approach to technology integration, that is rooted in understanding & optimizing the impact a component has on their client’s business model to achieve maximum market competitiveness.

The Team at North Scientific helped us achieve a true hybrid-cloud infrastructure, optimizing our cost/operation model by roughly 93% while boosting our production capacity with a full custom version of their NSV bare-metal servers.

The North Scientific staff is a true hub of new ideas and approaches to find the best available solution at the lowest possible cost. And on this last point this is where they will go the extra mile to save you money in a real tangible way.

The Team at North Scientific advised and built for us a next-gen NGO Big Data Platform, perfectly balanced to meet our international humanitarian needs. We greatly appreciated the knowledge transfer procedure that accommodated our teams spread over multiple time zones.

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We are part of Montreal’s startup ecosystem and members of Concordia’s District 3 innovation community. We stand for innovation… And we aspire to help our fellow startups and established companies innovate by managing their technology infrastructure and empowering their goals. Please feel free to reach out with any questions
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